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Butler Creek Health Education Center
9596 Last Butler Road
Iron City, TN  38463
Office:  (931)  213-1329
Mobile:  (931) 213-1029

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Butler Creek Health Education Center
P.O. Box 430
Collinwood, TN  38450

Butler Creek Health Center is a non-profit corporation using simple remedies as effective agents in the restoration of health.  As guests adopt a healthy lifestyle they see evidence that God’s plan works. Cause and effect, prevention and cure, and other “catchphrases” take on new meaning as mental and physical health are restored.  Moreover, our guests receive the unexpected blessing of peace of mind and spiritual renewal.  

7-Day Seminars  Streamlined programs tailor-made for individual groups. Short and simple versions of our longer full-featured lifestyle programs. Our abbreviated programs include simple remedies, exercise, health presentations, cooking classes, and plant based meals served amidst the beauty of nature.    

Practical Evangelism Apprenticeship Program  
A 1-year work-study experience in hands-on health evangelism. Emphasis is placed on sound Bible teaching, health education, agriculture, and practical skills. Learn how to connect physiology and theology, and the simple science of health ministry.





Jumpstart Your Health

On-The-Road  Our most popular health programs and Bible seminars conducted at satellite locations around the world.  Working in conjunction with local churches and conferences, Butler Creek provides a way to “stay home” and “stay informed.”  



On-The-Road Education

Victorious Living  A live-in  lifestyle change program for those seeking victory over diabetes, hypertension, obesity, depression, stress, smoking, drug  dependency, and other chronic diseases.


Lifestyle Program


February 21-24, 2019


Ditching Depression
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